01 March 2006

March is Viggo

Yes, I have a Lord of the Rings calendar. It's small and only cost me two bucks or so when I got it.

Anyway, March is Viggo, so things are looking up.

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  1. My calendar is from a local radio station and this month is Bon Jovi. I like their stuff so I'm cool with it. Last month was Rob Thomas, so anything is better than that. Next month is Liz Phair (nice), June is Chris Isaak (one of my faves), and my birth month/December is Sheryl Crow (I can handle that).

  2. mine is marilyn monroe. though viggo? yum! helloooo march. :)

  3. Kevin: the writer/producer for Veronica Mars? Oh wait, there's like 6 RTs on imdb, so probably another one. Or come to think, probably one in the music biz.

    Ms. Sizzle: that's good too. Makes me think of the shot where she's pumping iron.