05 March 2006

Inarticulate much?

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Not my most eloquent to be sure. Vanity made me consider re-recording it, but then I decided to leave it be; such is life.

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  1. Yes! I get stressed about it, too. I also start burying my head in a pillow and saying, "Nooo! Stop!" when people start thanking their lawyers and such. I always think a subtle "Thank you for this amazing honor. Friends, family, colleagues - I'll be calling you all later, and we will party!" would be nice.

    But that happens so rarely.

    Here's hoping Mr. Stewart does himself proud tonight. :-)

  2. Just wanted you to know that you've inspired me. I changed my Oscar wrap up to an Audio blog because of your courage. Of course, it sucks so I now hate you, but you still inspired me. (And yes, I gave you credit and links)

  3. You are a brave person. I hate my voice, hence why I will be sticking with blogging and not podcasting.

  4. Merujo: LOL, I know what you mean, but then it's not like they have award shows for lawyers and managers. For all the money and royal treatment movie stars get, the least they can do is acknowledge the people who've gotten them there by name- even if it's dull tv.

    Hyperion: Cool. If that audio post doesn't make someone feel confident they can do better, I don't know what will. ;)

    And your audioblog came out very well, so let's have some love. Thanks for the cred.

    Kevin: For the most part I like my voice- most of my audioblogs don't do justice to what I hear in my head, but what can you do? ;]

  5. I wasn't complaining about your voice in the slightest. Just my own. Giving you credit where credit's due.

  6. Kevin: no worries. I didn't take it that way; I meant more that perhaps you gave me more credit for courage than I deserved since I don't mind my voice.