04 March 2006

Enter the lion

The lowest temperatures of the season coupled with subzero wind chill have felt out of place this late in the year, but then I remembered the month. March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb (at least in US folklore). I'm not sure what part of the country that really applies to. The mid-Atlantic and mid-west probably, because many a year the North-East still has snow through April and even sometimes at the beginning of May.

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  1. I'll tell ya, here in the Mid-Atlantic, we've definitely got lion weather right now. Man, these are nasty, icy winds that have been whipping through the past few evenings. I keep waiting for the power to go out... (Better not happen tonight!!)

  2. Sorry, Merujo, mid-Atlantic - wouldn't that be Iceland??

    Don't know about any lion, but it's about -14 C (=? F..) and it's definitely better for polar bears and penguins than lions..