22 March 2006

Pollen, baby powder, and now Wednesday

Change is in the air. The skies are grey and cloudy, but it's more than that; I can feel it: the puffiness, eye sensitivity, the interior nose tickle that's a precursor to sneezing, but instead of that satisfying release, my nose runs, I get a tissue, wash my hands, and the tickle returns. I've become allergic to Wednesday.



  1. Allergic to Hump Day? How is that possible? You should be happy -- bounding-in-the-air happy -- that it's here marking the halfway point to the weekend. WOO HOO!

  2. gosh, i'm not the only one not happy with my wednesdays. mine i suspect the allergy came some years ago.

    just be careful with EVERYTHING you do on wednesdays, really.

  3. You're not the only one. Even Allegra ain't helpin' me with Wednesdays of late...

  4. It actually seems strange to me that I'm feeling a good deal better today (Thursday), but I'm chalking it up to a weather shift.

    This is just the beginning of Spring. Argh.