28 March 2006

A scale with 3 plates

At what point is there so little to lose that you can overcome the fear of making the wrong choice? Perhaps it's when the weight of indecision starts to become more burdensome than the fear.



  1. That the answer I would have thought for the question but I wouldn have been able to put it so simply and beautifully!
    This is a situation am living now and it is becoming real burdensome not to decide...


  2. I think you are right...that's the turning point.

  3. When you realize that not deciding is actually a choice, the right action becomes easier.

    When the fear of making a choice is worse than the consequences of either option.

    When you can't sleep anymore because of it.

    When you realize that the only thing in life you want is for the entire situation to go away.

    When you've given the ideas so much room in your head you can't remember your own name.

    Ah, such well known territory for me...

  4. one gem jason has taught me: ask for forgiveness, not permission. do what you think is right, and learn from your mistakes when you make them. takes a lot of stress out of life.

  5. I'm always intrigued by the responses I get to such context-free musings.

    Michele: It never really gets easy, does it? ;]

    Sara: I think that's along the same lines as: you'll regret more the things you don't do than those you did. Mostly true, I think.

  6. I always find that if I don't know what to do then I shouldn't do anything. Eventually, I wil be stripped of all choices but the one I'm supposed to make.

    It's not always pretty, but it ALWAYS works.

  7. Tracy Lynn: Mostly I've been reminded that most choices I could pursue right now would mean giving up a lot of the things that I want, that I have right now. The strings aren't really that bad.