06 March 2006

New rule, please

You shouldn't have to attend the wedding of someone to whom you were once engaged.

I just received the 'save the date', nay, 'save the weekend' notice today. That leaves five months to mull over the options. At least saying no to being maid-of-honor is already well behind me.



  1. NO NO NO. Run like hell for the hills. No explanation should be necessary.

  2. Oh god. How awful.

    Take a pass on that sucker, Claire.

  3. I think you should go. The fear that you will drunkenly give a speech rife with horrible secret details about the past will make the parties involved queasy, which will not only be intertaining for you, but teach them a lesson for wanting you to attend and possibly be Matron.

  4. Unless you and your ex are the best of friends now, there is no reason for him/her to invite you to his/her wedding except to rub it in--which is mean.

    I say Hell No, Don't Go!

    P.S. Sorry I haven't commented much recently. Don't have a lot to say.

  5. Thanks so much for these comments- they have all served to lighten my mood considerably on this matter.

    Hyperion: What an amusing albeit highly improbable image! For the most part, I dislike the taste of alcohol, but if any situation were to be cause for exception... ;)

    J.G.: We have had a long post-relationship friendship, so there is no malice in the invitation. However in the past year, this growing feeling of being taken for granted has let loose some old anger/discontent over issues left at stalemate. I have not articulated as much to my ex which is perhaps not fair, but I just want to let go of it. If not for the wedding, drifting apart would be a mostly simple matter.

  6. You could just happen to come over to Norway just then - something you'd been planning for months anyway ;)

  7. I like the way you think, Scholiast.

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  9. Alright.

    I have thought this through. If those legs are actually yours, here is what you.

    You go to the wedding looking fabulous, and then you give an acceptance speech where you hint that the ex wanted a threesome, and that it involved sheep (see Hugh Grant in Four Weddings for more info).

    Then at the end you hike up your dress to your thighs and with slurred speech cry out, "You coulda had this baby, but no more!"

    Then pass out, but keep a tape recorder in your bra so that you can hear what people say.

    I see no downside to this, but maybe someone else can help perfect it.

    [PS I'd like to apologize for the above comment. Tobias is my intern and sometimes he logs on without my permission. I left the comment accidentally as him instead, and I shall punish him fiercely]

  10. Hyperion: The legs are very much mine, however I do see at least one flaw.
    Saying: "You coulda had this baby, but no more!" makes it sound like I still want my ex when I really don't.