28 October 2008

After 4 years

If I remember what the photos I've been searching for look like, why is it so important to me to find them?

Nothing gets under my skin like not being able to find something I know I have. When more than half your life is in storage however, keeping track of it all gets more complicated.

My latest inspiration was the spiral-topped notebook with the hot pink cover and diagonal elastics on the bottom corners. Over four years ago, that might've seemed like a good place to put some 7 or 8 stray photos for the drive cross-country. Shoulda kept them with the rest of the small wall items; I found those.

Anyway, I know the hot pink notebook is in storage, but even though I cut open and searched several likely boxes, I did not find it. Maybe I repacked that box with the plastic crate from even older storage. It might be there.

This is evolving into an obsession.



  1. Keep looking! You'll find it!

    I've been thinking about sending all of my printed photos to scancafe so I can have all my photos in one spot - on my computer!

  2. Yeah, one of these days...

    scancafe, hmm? Haven't heard of them. If you do, tell me how it goes.