26 November 2008


When I was growing up, the Wednesday before Thanksgiving meant half-days at school and leaving to visit relatives. A drive that could be done in 9 hours under ideal conditions would take 11 on this day, sometimes 12 if the weather was bad.

It might not have been quite as long if I'd skipped the half-day, but by middle school all my teachers made a point of covering something pertinent, and I hated having to make work up. Once my brother left for college, we didn't drive down for Thanksgiving as often.

Part of me misses the long table with all the people, but the last time we were all down at the farm 10+ years ago, my brother and his wife were late and my aunt kind of wrote them off. Now my grandparents are dead, I don't much like those cousins, and I'm sick of being stranded while my cousins, brother, and his wife go out to smoke, or to a smoky bar, or most enviously go home while I remain for days.

On that note, I'm grateful that I'm not in a car right now enduring all the extra hassles of traveling on this particular day. Also, I'm thankful that I'll be with my parents tomorrow enjoying my quintessential T-day meal.

Have a pleasant tomorrow, everyone.

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  1. Hey, have a great Thanksgiving! I'm so glad I don't have to travel for this one!

  2. Hope you have a wonderful holiday -- Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Thanks, Elisabeth and Voix. Happy Thanksgiving!