27 November 2008

The return of Thanksgiving haiku

Happy Thanksgiving!
Balloons in Macy's parade
are my favorite

Missed seeing Snoopy
in the parade. Made me sad.
Huzzah for the web!

Brown leaves cling to oak
tree. Grey skies with peeking blue.
Bright diffused sunlight.

Ooh, I love this song
"Walking on Air" by Kerli.
Jigglin' in my chair.

From 2006:
Curried fruit is done
Already the house smells great:

What's up with mincemeat
pie? No meat? I might like it
if not for its name.

From 2005:
Dad is shoveling
while Mom is throwing snowballs
up at my window.

In reply, I stuck
out my tongue and waved at her.
It looks cold outside.

Check out the comments on those posts for more T-day haiku from other bloggers, and feel free to leave one here. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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  1. Mincemeat is due for a PR makeover--like how prunes started billing themselves as "dried plums" a few years ago.

  2. Totally. "Fruity delight" or "Brown sugar pie," perhaps.