31 December 2006

The books of 2006

These are the books I read during 2006 in chronological order. The rating system has been changed from last year's -, /, + to a scale of 0 to 5. With all the possible books to read out there, I try to stick to things I'd rate 3+, but there are a few comics that I decided to read before I got rid of them that scored lower.

Ratings 0-5 (predominantly subjective)
<2.5 = Generally not worth reading or finishing
2.5 = Fair: didn't seem like a waste of time to read once
3 = Good: enjoyed reading it once
4 = Very Good: would read it more than once, found it objectively good, or might want to own a copy
5 = Excellent: as good as it gets

1. Setting Your Genius Free: How to Discover Your Spirit and Calling by Dick Richards (2.5/5)

2. My Life So Far by Jane Fonda (4/5)

3. Temples, Tombs and Hieroglyphs (The Story of Egyptology) by Barbara Mertz (3.5/5)

4. Twelfth Night, or What You Will by William Shakespeare (3/5)

5. Hieroglyphics: The Writings of Ancient Egypt by Maria C. Betr├│ (3.5/5)

6. Introducing Egyptian Hieroglyphs by Barbara Watterson (4/5)

7. The Vagina Monologues (The V-Day edition) by Eve Ensler (5/5)

8. Necessary Targets: A Story of Women and War by Eve Ensler (3.5/5)

9. Tomb of the Golden Bird by Elizabeth Peters (4/5)

10. Girl, Interrupted by Susanna Kaysen (4/5)

11. Speak, Memory (An Autobiography Revisited) by Vladimir Nabokov (2.5/5)

12. The Blue Suit: A memoir of crime by Richard Rayner (3/5)

13. They Wanted a Louder Gun by Richard Portman (4/5) reread

14. Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert Heinlein (4/5)

15. Griffin & Sabine by Nick Bantock (4/5) reread

16. Sabine's Notebook by Nick Bantok (4/5) reread

17. The Golden Mean by Nick Bantok (4/5) reread

18. Rogue X-Men Limited Series Vol.1 #1 Jan. 1995 (1/5)

19. Tales of the Marvels-Blockbuster Vol.1 #1 April 1995 (2/5)

20. Rose by Li-Young Lee (4/5) reread

21. Slam the Door Gently: The Making and Unmaking of a Female Scientist by Ruth Ann Bobrov Glater, Ph. D. (3/5)

22. The Uncanny X-Men Vol.1 #300 May 1993 (2.5/5)

23. X-Men Unlimited Vol.1 #4 March 1994 (3.5/5)

24. The Uncanny X-Men Vol.1 #310 March 1994 (2.5/5)

25. Cable Vol.1 #1 May 1993 (2/5)

26. The Amazing Spider-man Vol.1 #375 March 1993 (3/5)

27. The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas (4/5)

28. Siddhartha by Herman Hesse (4/5) reread

29. Cesar's Way: The Natural, Everyday Guide to Understanding & Correcting Common Dog Problems by Cesar Millan with Melissa Jo Peltier (3.5/5)

30. I, the Divine by Rabih Alameddine (3.5/5)

31. The Tragedy of Antony and Cleopatra by William Shakespeare (2.5/5)

32. Like the Red Panda by Andrea Seigel (3/5)

33. The Moviegoer by Walker Percy (3/5) reread

34. The Ongoing Moment by Geoff Dyer (3.5/5)

35. Dry by Augusten Burroughs (4/5)

36. Portraits: Talking with Artists at the Met, the Modern, the Louvre and Elsewhere by Michael Kimmelman (4/5) reread

37. Don't Get Too Comfortable by David Rakoff (4.5/5)

38. Life Interrupted: The Unfinished Monologue by Spalding Gray (4/5)

39. Evidence 1944-1994 by Richard Avedon (4.5/5)

40. Prisoner of Trebekistan: a decade in Jeopardy! by Bob Harris (4/5)

41. Brandt: The Photography of Bill Brandt by Bill Brandt (4/5)

42. Diane Arbus by Diane Arbus (2.5/5)

43. Brassaï: The Eye of Paris by Anne Wilkes Tucker with Richard Howard and Avis Berman (3/5)

44. Diane Arbus: Revelations by Diane Arbus (3/5)

45. Portraits by Richard Avedon (3/5)

46. East of the Sun and West of the Moon illus. by Kay Nielsen (4/5)

47. Running With Scissors by Augusten Burroughs (4/5)

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  1. Jeez... you and lynne make me look like such a slacker. I need to get reading!

  2. Thanks for the list. I am officially keeping a list of what I will be reading this year. I totally forgot to do it in 2006 - my goal was to read 50 books, and I do not believe that I reached it. I may have read at least 25, possibly 30.

  3. kevin: Nah. Your time would be better spent stopping by to comment. ;)

    elisabeth: You're welcome. I cut back from my 50 goal of the previous 2 years last year, because I start losing track of everything I've read when I read that much. Becomes a bit of a blur. 36 feels more manageable so I don't feel pressured to meet a quota.