30 December 2006

I will

Regular readers of TTaT know that I began a tale of one of my cross country journeys this summer. I started it in July, and it's still not done. The story had a mass larger than my own, and it soon swallowed me. Every so often I would spit out another day's worth of travel, but I've been stuck at Day 11 since mid-November.

That's when the trip changed its character. That also begins the stretch that has far less photography to fall back on and includes a couple elements I'm reluctant to discuss for the sake of friendship and privacy. I haven't felt like writing that week, haven't much cared about finishing. I've pondered ways to condense it into one post, to skim over that which feels like a huge tone shift from the rest of the saga. I've wondered if I hadn't put finishing it on a massive to-do list of mine if I'd be bothered by its current state as much, if I could just leave it.

But it's on the list, and as something I've already invested so much time in, it feels close to done. I need to finish it even though in some respects I've ceased to care about it and don't think anyone else does. Slam out an end, cross it off the list: I could do that, but if I'm going to do it, I want more for it. I want it to be worth reading.

So it's coming. I don't know that it will be done before the end of the year, but soon, because I need it to be done.

Hmm. I feel like I've just raised expectations for the ending instead of amping up my motivation to write it.

Um, never mind.

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  1. Have a great new year! I am looking forward to the narrative on the rest of your trip!

  2. Thanks for the encouragement. Happy new year to you too!