04 December 2006

Cheapest coffee in LA and other [mis]adventures

So... lately I've been moody and preoccupied; the inspiration to write has been lagging. However, that just means it's time to dust off some pre-TTaT writing. Here's a couple days from my West coast life surrounding a moment of detour.

From May 3, 2003:

9 cents a cup. No joke. And it's good. Get it with cream. Corner of Ord and Alameda downtown. Philippe, the original French dip Sandwich. It's a converted boarding school, been open as a cafeteria style restaurant since 1908. Awesome. Split a ham and bleu cheese dip sandwich with O. Great lemonade too. Sawdust on the ground floor. Long tables like school and small halls and study-like rooms upstairs. Hooks on the wall to hang coats. Very mellow, cool place. Brick walls with names written all over them, dates, etc. Yeah, graffiti, but the names are pretty much self-contained to each brick, so there's a cool uniformity.

Also walked through Chinatown exploring with O which was cool. Even played some DDR, he'd never seen it. Only fifty cents too. Well, I played anyway and passed all 3 songs [even a 5 foot]. Woohoo.

Went to a great restaurant with O last night, Cha Cha Cha on Virgil. Cuban-Caribbean. The Salmon Negro was awesome. Loved the plantains too.

So yeah, still in LA. I had planned to head North today towards SF but got into an accident last night that crunched my car. I'm fine as are the other drivers. Wasn't my fault but will skip details till insurance stuff is sorted out. So anyway, will be here a bit to deal with this and get it fixed. Driveable but not pretty. And figure other drivers have insurance local to here so should be easier to get fixed here. Chillin' at O's tonight and heading to Rob, Paul, and John's tomorrow as Paulie's in Ireland now.

Went to a great Ansel Adams exhibit with Misho at LACMA yesterday. Awesome. And we got to see the tar pits! The tar bubbling up on the sidewalk with sandbags around it was almost more cool than the lake with the fake woolly mammoths. Figures they'd make it the mom stuck in the pit with dad and baby looking on. Misho poked around in it a bit with a stick. (Gotta love boys.) A random trumpet player on the other side really set the mood.

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