26 December 2006


Running With Scissors by Augusten Burroughs (4/5)

I told you about his amazing book Dry. Running With Scissors is the autobiography of his childhood that precedes it. Extreme, funny, disturbing and riveting. For 99 of 100 people who say they had a fucked up childhood, I would feel comfortable saying that theirs was nothing compared to his. At the very least, few people's could be as bizarre. I mean, how many people end up living with their mother's psychiatrist and his eccentric family? Or are given complete freedom at 13?

The movie is a good adaptation of the book though some aspects are simplified, some tamed for an R rating, everyone's better looking, and it's given a neater film ending. If you want to see it, I'd watch it first and then read the book for more detail. Then read Dry.

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  1. My life is the one in one hundred that compares to his. Seriously... I really need to write a book.
    Hey C? Wanna write my biography? I'm not even kidding on this.

  2. I bet you're right.

    Focusing on my photography at present, but thanks for thinking of me. I always like reading autobios better than biographies anyway.