21 June 2006

#28, ahead of schedule

Siddhartha by Herman Hesse (4/5)

My roommate freshman year of college recommended this book to me. I read it then and enjoyed the story of a young man pursuing his own path in the search for enlightenment, but I think I appreciate it much more this, the second, time. Perhaps it's strange that I would be moved by this book when I'm so capable of dismissing the spiritual, but it's the journey that draws me in. Siddhartha makes choices few if any others in his position(s) would, but they're completely valid because it's his life. That's something to which I can relate.

The book is available here on the Project Gutenberg site.

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  1. i loved that book.

    the movie with keanu reeves though was so bogus. you know that one?

  2. I know which one you mean, but I haven't seen it. I imagine it wouldn't hold up that well as a film even without Keanu.

  3. I read that freshman year in college. I believe I wrote a paper about it.

    And there you have the complete compendium of my remaining knowledge of this book.

    I like sharing for no reason.

  4. retro.: Thanks for sharing. I didn't remember many specifics before I picked it up this time either.