14 December 2006


Portraits by Richard Avedon (3/5)

If I pick up the pace in these last couple weeks, I could still make 50 this year. Hmm. Not so important really... if it happens, it happens. I've got a few books waiting for me at the library as I type.

What else? Have you seen the Dunkin Donuts ad about ordering things simply instead of in French or Italian, or the punchline Fra-talian? I feel like yelling every time I see it. "Latte" is an Italian word.

Also, has anyone switched to blogger beta yet without ill effect? I've seen some grumblings about comment posting post-switch but no raves. Blogspot is stepping up their efforts to get people to convert, and I'm wondering if there's any real boon to doing so.

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  1. I'm petrified to switch to beta. It keeps telling me I'm gonna have to do it but I shake my head adamantly and pout. No!

  2. I'm totally paranoid about switching too, whilst they're getting more aggressive about pushing the changeover.

  3. I did - it took forever - and to begin with it didn't seem to let people comment, but now it does. It had lost the Greek I had there, as well as Norwegian letters, but I got that fixed.

    - And I think they're going to close off the "old" kind eventually, so you may just have to... Good luck!