22 December 2006

I hate my printer

Really. It scans fine, but that's about it these days. Having recently replaced all the ink, it no refuses to print cyan or yellow, and today, no black. Trusty black just up and said, screw you!

All the more irritating because it was just after 4 and I was trying to print a letter I wanted to mail, time just ticking away. And darkness growing and rain becoming heavier. Cleaned the print heads, did the nozzle check (having done both several times last week) to no avail. After getting a faint black copy from the highest quality setting my printer has, I exported my file as a word doc so I could print it from my dad's computer.

Of course, for an unknown reason, the formatting was just a hair off making it 2 pages instead of one. I had to compromise even though the margins and font were the same. Just ticks me off.

Stupid blurry windshield full of light streaks from evening traffic. Took back roads on the way home which being darker, made it easier to see. People's xmas lights were more vibrant in the wetness.

Could've been worse. A couple degrees cooler and it would've been sleet.

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