01 August 2006

Helvetica is not my font

I like the look of Helvetica, but damn if it doesn't print small. I'm used to the 12 pt. of Courier. So why am I not using Courier? I don't know... I just left my plain text program how it was set.

I'm working on the next section of the travelogue saga, two pieces that need to integrated and probably broken up again; when pieces have overlap, I usually find it easier to edit from paper. Unfortunately, round 1 printed at 10 pt., which I could read, there's just not enough room for notes. I should've gone up to 14 pt. for the second run, but the 12 looked fine onscreen.

It's just making me feel old. I suppose I should thank the gods I've gone this long without glasses considering how much optical wear appears in all the photos from both sides of the family.

Bah. I'm just all in my head lately.

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