07 August 2006


I'm in the mood to throw stuff out. Clothes I'm keeping for no good reason come directly to mind (of course, I'll donate anything still in good shape). The desire to do this feels good, a by-product of an ill mood dispelled, a readiness to dispense with stuff I don't need or that doesn't suit me anymore.

And here's a treat for you: Ani DiFranco songs on The Hype Machine. Click "listen" et voila, a variety of tracks in full! It's an audioblog aggregator so if you're not into Ani, there's probably tracks of another artist you like available for the listening. Enjoy!

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  1. You have no idea how you've just totally made my day with that music blog aggregator. OMG to the third power. Thank you!

    That purging thing feels really good, doesn't it? I've done a bunch of that this summer. It's better than losing weight.

  2. You're most welcome. I was psyched when I found it yesterday. It's pretty good at fulfilling my desire for stray songs I don't yet own.

    And yeah, purging stuff=good. I've done it quite a bit over the years, and mainly find I like having less stuff.