30 July 2005

What's on now

There's nothing much on tv tonight (well, until Inuyasha at midnight). Movies are hit or miss if they're not premieres. Oxygen actually invests some in their movie repertory, but tonight they're airing Picture Perfect which I've already seen.

In 1997 a friend and I decided to go to a movie at the brand-spanking-new AMC 20 at the Tallahassee mall, though we had yet to pick a film since we were meeting up with a couple guy acquaintances of his. Buffet was a beer drinking, baseball watching, beer drinking, football watching, beer drinking kind of guy, and he suggested an appropriately guy movie that I had no interest in. None of the movies looked very good to me, as I recall, but Picture Perfect seemed the most promising.

Buffet groaned and rolled his eyes. He wanted to outflank me with testosterone, but his new friends were willing to see whatever I was seeing. As a compromise, I suggested we split up- I'd see Picture Perfect and they'd see whatever- but Buffet had a thing about seeing movies alone and wouldn't subject someone else to that, so all the boys went with me to the romantic comedy.

The film, though enjoyable, was not great, but their unexpected and unlooked for surrender made it special to me.

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