25 August 2006


Like the Red Panda by Andrea Seigel (3/5)

Not long ago, I read an amusing recount of an author's reading over at Bread and Bread. The author was Andrea Seigel, and to spice things up at readings for her new book To Feel Stuff, she's opted to start them with a dance routine. Pictorial and video evidence is available on her blog.

I was amused, so when I discovered her first book was available at my local library, I picked it up to read. It felt a little odd looking for a book on a low shelf in the "Young Adult" section of the Children's room, but after reading it I find myself wondering what makes something "young adult" as opposed to "adult" fiction. I guess I used to think it was just a matter of vocabulary and subject matter, but with this book it feels like it's more about setting and the protagonist's age because the story includes mature elements. As do young adults, I suppose.

Mostly I'm thinking of my niece (now 3) and hoping that high school will be more bearable for her at the least.

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