03 August 2006

Obsessive week

Life's been all headspace of late. The humidity is not helping; my concentration is shot. To combat the depressive musings, I've inundated myself with bits of vids, corresponding interviews, and the like. YouTube is quite the time-suck in that regard. It's feeling a bit obsessive at this point, but it has helped redirect my thoughts.

I'm tremendously amused by the way people pull out their favorite storylines or bits from larger pieces. A show with an ensemble cast can be reduced to the arc of one or two characters, or one of those awful "music videos" highlighting some couple's relationship. Still, YouTube is tough to beat if you want to see clips of other stuff actors you like have done.

Anyway, just as what other people post and how they edit it reveals things about them, I'm considering what my own stream of obsessive behavior is indicating about what I want. A desire for change is certainly present; whether I'm able to follow through with it and to what end remains to be seen.

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