19 December 2006

Previously un-freakin'-heard of

Barring any unforeseen gift needs, I'm done. I was actually done shopping over a week ago, and today I'm done wrapping. Packages that needed to be mailed have been, and I'm even under budget by like a dollar and a half. As long as I resist the urge to buy more stuff because there's still time, I'm good.

This is so very much unfamiliar territory.

Even my wrapping mojo seems to have returned, though I attribute that mostly to cutting the paper so there's not much excess (absolutely key) and working on a table instead of the floor.

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  1. Wow, I have never been done so soon - I took yesterday off, as I usually do every year and went systamatically through our little capital city with my shopping list - and actually got most of it done and I was quite happy (and tired) when I finally got home with the loot!

    Only a few more to go!

    Try and stay cool, then - I know just the feeling: Maybe I should get him some more, maybe that book...

  2. hey! good to see you, Rarity. Trust me, this is an absolute first being done so early.

    Congrats on your shopping successes yesterday and good luck with the rest! It really can wear you out.

  3. I thought I was finished last night (a personal record), but then I realized I'd made cute handmade cards for everyone in my family but my aunt, who will be with us on X-mas morning and will definitely notice if she gets a store-bought one. So the water colors are coming back out. Sigh.

  4. Cheryl: d'oh! I don't often see my extended family, which undoubtedly makes the whole shopping deal easier.