19 December 2005


Goddamn cocksuckers. First, I was forced into having my items in storage delivered. Now, over two months after its delivery, after paying COD for it, after they called to see how my experience was, now, they send me a revised bill for an additional $482.55.

After some time staring at the invoice (because there was no letter of explanation included), I can see that they are charging for 660 lbs. more "actual weight" than the initial invoice had. I've unpacked, re-stored, and donated chunks of it, so there's no way I can reasonably dispute their measure, no way to check it for myself.

As much as anything, I'm pissed that it took them over two months to send me this revised invoice. And now that I compare it to the old one, I can see they increased the fuel surcharge which accounts for almost $50. Well, that I'm gonna fucking dispute. I fear I will get blown off by some simple excuse though, like the weight change corresponds to a fuel surcharge change. It's a bad sign that it makes sense to me. If your stuff takes up more space on the truck, you should pay a larger proportion of the fuel. But percentages take care of that.

Fuck. I just don't have my game on for arguing with these people. I got rid of all their paperwork weeks ago thinking I was in the clear. At least I still have a copy of the original invoice in email. You'd think they'd make a point of mentioning that their estimate could and likely would change (drastically) even after you'd paid it, they'd accepted it, and your goods were delivered.

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