12 August 2010

Relative motion

In recent months, some of the photographs I've had the most fun shooting have been taken from within moving vehicles. Triggering the shutter at just the right moment to get the composition I want, it's a bit of a game. One I'm getting better at all the time.

It's counterintuitive shooting stills while moving. So much of photography is: be still when you take the shot! The key to avoiding blur is avoiding close foreground objects in your composition. The further away your subject is, the better because it reduces your relative motion.

And now? I'm going to head back outside to see if I can spot some more of the Perseids. Meteor shower FTW! Just hope it hasn't clouded over too much. Saw two earlier so s'all good. Tomorrow night is also supposed to be peak viewing, so check it out if you can.

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