27 August 2010

Life of Art SitRep #29

A life of art: I work towards creating one for myself every week. This is the journey, full of zigs and zags that are collectively, thankfully, progress.

You can play along in the comments if you'd like with your own pursuits. (That's where the cheerleading happens.)
This week, I
  • Shot 403 photos and 5 videos.
  • Tweeted, FB'd, blogged Zazzle's mug sale:
    15% off all mugs this week!
    Sale ends August 30, 2010 at 11:59pm PT.
    Use coupon code: BTSRULE5MUGS
  • Prepped and uploaded photograph Chairlift and Sky. Wrote copy, renamed it Ski Lift and Sky.
  • Created a variety of customizable Ski Lift and Sky products: prints/posters, cards, postcard, mugs, t-shirts, binders, tote bags, stickers, bumper sticker, keychain, magnets, buttons, mouse pad, apron, and stamps:
    One day when I was 7, my winter jacket got caught on the back of a chairlift as it arrived at the top of a snowy mountain. I couldn't get off. The chairlift started to lift up so it could flip over for its return down the slope. In a panic, I jumped. One of my skis flew off and slid downhill; my ski instructor chased after it. Miraculously, I kept my balance when I landed on the other ski, my momentum propelling me forward fifteen feet until I stumbled into the snow.

    The two empty chairs hanging from their lift cables in this photograph are much more peaceful. With no riders, the ski lift looks like a black linear diagram in front of an expansive view of blue sky and white puffy clouds. The upper right chair heads uphill and the lower left chair returns downhill, both without incident. However, the cumulus cloud at the top of the frame is mostly grey, a hint of a possible storm brewing.
  • Tweeted, FB'd Ski Lift and Sky folder link. Also blogged it.
  • Uploaded Ski Lift and Sky to redbubble. Marked media of all previous images as photograph (new feature). Had to edit some tags to meet new 10 tag max.
  • Finished 100 pix high header for Rocklawn Arts zazzle store. If you have a minute, take a look and tell me what you think.

    Later in the week, I made additional versions of the header taking out the grey, revising its color scheme and a bit of design. Used it to make a minutely tweaked header for the Rocklawn Arts blog. Also changed the link color.

    Important note to self: next time I think a 2 pixel difference in spacing is worth looking at on half of my design for comparison, resist! It's a hassle to change back when you notice the mismatched elements two hours later and realize the mistake crosses several file versions and needs to be corrected on two websites.
  • Noticed code hack to make new products folder disappear is working in the sidebar. Uploaded white block to make the folder icon invisible as well. Added easter egg text to it just in case someone clicks on it.
  • Changed "Shop" page link on ttat to "Rocklawn Arts Shop" for clarity. Fixed my Tweets page to account for my new twitter name: claireofRA.
  • Backed up Rocklawn Arts blog template. Made width adjustment to TTaT, backed it up.
  • Published 4 posts on my Rocklawn Arts blog.
  • Reconfigured twitterfeeds a bit and added subscription for Rocklawn Arts blog.
  • Offered some help on zazzle's forum.
  • Removed products links for products I don't offer on my 1st zazzle store. Set front page to show products instead of just featured products.


What did you do to pursue the life you want this week?

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