23 August 2010


Heart, Hands, Health, and Head: the 4 h's of 4-H. Totally entertaining. I liked these photos best of the ones I took, but even the small fair I attended had a great deal more than is pictured here. There was live music, food, games, rabbits, chickens, turkeys, pigs, equestrian events, and a costumed livestock parade. Indoors there were exhibits of all types: vegetables, baked goods (some super fancy cakes!), flowers, photographs, art (Pteranodon, FTW!), jewelry, clothes, and textiles.

It's cool to see what the kids are up to, and the animals are fun to photograph.

Such a sweet face!

Mohawk sheep

Dreadlocked sheep

Pink ribbon, I must be dreaming!

I crouched down low for nearly all of my shooting which was worth it photographically, but my quadriceps are still burning two days later.

Photo tip: Getting to your subject's eye level often makes for more compelling photographs, but don't forget to stretch your legs before and after!

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  1. Love the dreadlocked sheep! They are cooler than I'll ever be.

  2. They were a pretty mellow bunch. Cool without any effort.