05 August 2010

I will learn how to ask for what I want yet

When your hairdresser tells the next person to walk in she'll be with him in five minutes when she hasn't even begun to cut your hair, it's a little disconcerting.

I did finally get the back of my hair cut up to where I wanted it on the first try. (Some hairdressers just really don't believe you even when you use gestures.) She was a bit overzealous with the rest unfortunately. My directions were pretty clear, but she was on a mission. She only had five minutes after all.

Also, I must remember that when someone asks, "Do you want it over the ears?" it could mean two things: 1. hair long enough to hang over one's ears, or 2. hair short enough it does not cover one's ears. I should have said, "I like to have it long enough so that I can pull it behind my ears."

I know I was perfectly clear about the front. Next time I must be more emphatic. She cut a bit off, held it up, and asked if it was the right amount. I knew it was too much but since she'd already started cutting, I felt on the hook, y'know? Next time I won't worry about having a shorter section in the mix.

I wonder how long it will take for my curls to reform on the sides. They are sort of cut in half at present, lying flat in places and winging out in others. Not enough, however, to make a pleasant-looking disarray. My curls have been amputated!

To add insult to injury, this was the first time in 20 years of having stray grey hairs that I looked at the locks plummeting onto the cape in front of me and thought, "Fuck, that's a lot of grey."

Ah well.

In a month or two, the front and sides should be how I like them. Then only the back will be too long. For now, at least it will keep me definition 1 cool.

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