24 August 2010

From my other related life

As alluded to on a few occasions over the life of the blog, at long last, here is my DP (director of photography) reel:


The amount of equipment, people, and resources that went into making these images is a bit mind-boggling to consider 10 years later. I do miss the gear. And a crew at my command was rather handy too.

If I were editing my reel now, I'd cut out 15-30 seconds of it to tighten it up. I'd also harass the director who never gave me my footage for it. Still, not bad considering this was digitized from a VHS tape and then compressed for the web. For me, watching my old reel is like flipping through a scrapbook of friends and experiences.

If you have any questions about any of the shots, please ask and I'll answer them in the comments.

Two years ago on TTaT: Random Scan Sunday 14: Olympic pins; 10 Meter Platform Diving is still my favorite

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