09 August 2010

Northshire Bookstore: not to be missed!

I went to an awesome indie bookstore over the weekend: Northshire Bookstore. It reminded me of Powell's including the handwritten recommendations on cards hanging along the shelves, but is for a gratifying change on the East coast. Northshire isn't as all encompassing as Powell's but it is large, about the size of all the chain and indie bookstores where I live put together.

If you live in or around Manchester, Vermont, you really should check it out make it your new hangout. It's full of nooks and crannies, enough to give it a delightful maze feel, a place to lose yourself in with comfy spots hidden away to sit and test drive some pages. The variety of books they have really impressed me. The indie shops close to home don't have anywhere near the selection excluding local interest books.

If for some reason books aren't you're thing, there's also a cafe and lots of gift items: cards, wrapping paper, toys, clothes, jewelry, chocolate, tech gadgets, every size Moleskine you can imagine and many I'd never seen (who knew they had huge sketchbooks?).

You can even get your own book printed and bound as a trade paperback on this massive machine they have there. How cool!

Highly recommended.

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