26 January 2010

The tallest I've ever been

San Francisco, April 2003:

hallway posing with Claire & Chala
silly hallway posing, Claire & Chala
MCU Claire & Chala
Claire out on the town, taller than everybody
MS seated, boot heel and pants
CU boot heel

The steep San Francisco hills were challenging to walk with those heels, but they are still the most awesome boots ever. Of course, they are Chala's. As is everything you can see me wearing in these photos & 1 thing you can't, ahem. Well, except for the watch and the ring, those are mine.

I don't like yellow or gold, particularly in clothes, but even I thought the shiny gold pants were awesome. And I would never buy a shirt like that but it works pretty well here. "Leave it up to Chala" would probably be my mantra if we lived remotely near one another.

Boots I have been known to look for on occasion, but I've yet to find a pair similar to the ones above, but with ~2 inches of heel rather than 4. (Walking shouldn't take that much thought.)

Chala kindly gave me the jacket, so I need to remember to pull that out once the weather gets nicer.

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  1. Lookin' Good! Of course, I know these are from 2003, but I assume you like the same now. Don't know why, I do. And yes, what I mean is, I expect you are wearing striped pants and boots at this very moment.

    I'm in SF right now! Actually, East Bay (Oakland). HEllo from there.


    Also, happy 2010!

  2. Thanks, Will! A hearty hey to you in Oakland!

    Not too different, though I'm in cargo pants and socks. Here's a selection of more recent pics. Though my hair is getting to a shaggier stage at present, it's still shorter than it was in 2003. For the better methinks.

  3. Those pics are adorable! I think tall girls should wear high heels, they're very flattering. Within reason, of course - not easy to pull off during a snowy winter.

  4. As long as you don't say 'cute,' we're good. ;)

    It's funny, when I was growing up, the only shoes in my size besides sneakers were high heels which seemed ridiculous because I was already tall.

    I appreciate the aesthetic of heels, particularly with skirts & dresses, but I feel unsteady walking in them even in perfect weather. I prefer to feel grounded more or less. No need to tower.