09 January 2010

Long winter shadows

long tree shadows on snow
long tree shadows and spiral shadows on snow
spiral tree shadow on snow
(Click to embiggen.)

3 years ago on TTaT: I want one


  1. I especially love the shadow the fake tree makes :)

  2. These are really good. So does this mean you are resolving to take more pictures this year?

  3. kilax: the spiral shadows were the very thing that first caught my eye.

    Iron Fist: Thanks, Vahid! Not resolved per se. Much like usual, I shoot when I see something that inspires me. (Well, I do have another shot in mind but it's too damn cold lately & getting it would mess up the clean field of snow in the yard.) Spending more time dealing with shots I've already taken these days.

    Did get a new film camera to play with at xmas though. However, it only has F 7 and F 11 which pretty much means sunny ext. shots. Needs to warm up a bit. Still, I think it'll be fun to take some square or full neg frame shots. ...but then there's the scanning if you're to see them, sigh.