19 January 2010

Registered to vote in MA? Go vote!

If you don't know where to go, here's a polling place locator.

The idea that polling data says the race is neck and neck between the democrat and republican candidate for senator in MA flabbergasts me, also makes me feel a bit sick. Doesn't seem like it should be possible but with complacency, anything is possible. Drag yourself out into the rain/snow--it's not that cold today--and make your democratic, liberal, &/or progressive voice heard with your vote for Martha Coakley. It's critical we keep 60 democratic seats in the senate.

I voted and on my way out held the door for a complete knockout. Really gorgeous. In return, she gave me a killer smile. So that's another good reason to vote.

Please don't screw up, MA!

UPDATE, 10:47 PM: Well.... let's hear it for the money again, shall we? No? I feel nauseated. Perhaps time to punch something on the Wii.

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