21 January 2010

Kinetic sculpture: winter, night

The sculpture during a winter day was really just context for this (same caveats apply):

(run time 0:55, no sound*)

The holiday lights aren't on anymore, but I do love the reflections they provide. If the wind is right, sometimes I can see a bit of street light reflected after I turn my light out.

*Though if you have Count Basie's "Back to the Apple" from the Hannah and Her Sisters soundtrack, it happens to play along rather well with it.

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  1. I love a Christmas display that also kind of makes me think of an alien abduction.

  2. I love those trees. I would be happy if people left them up all year-round :)

  3. Cheryl: Right on!

    kilax: me too! I appreciate the folks who keep turning their lights on. Saw some Valentine's lit hearts last night I thought were cool. Ambivalent about the day but I like lights in winter.