18 January 2010

Kinetic sculpture: winter, day

But there's a tree trunk in the way.

Yes, I'm aware of that. My bedroom windows are the only ones with their screens removed, so it's a trade off: either shoot through a screen and see the whole sculpture or be screen-free with a tree trunk. I made my choice.

Why not just...

It's cold outside, yo.

OK, but handheld? Really? Don't you know better than that?

Yes, yes, I do, but I wanted to capture the motion I saw before the wind died down. And before you ask, yes, I braced my arms on the windowsill, but I cropped the video significantly to highlight the sculpture which exacerbates the camera shake. Again, another choice.


(run time 0:55, no sound)

And for contrast, trunkless shake-free summer with sound:

(run time 2:26)

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