21 January 2009

I made it!

Since this is the first moment blogger has let me log in since Saturday, the I-made-it sentiment has taken on dual meanings. It would figure it'd get wonky just when I felt like posting more.

More importantly, of course, I survived the Bush regime. There were times during those 8 years that I was quite depressed and hearing about Bush's latest antics sometimes felt like the last straw. Moving abroad sometimes felt like the answer, but then I'd think to myself, If I leave, how will things ever change for the better here? I also remember in a fit of anger--undoubtedly in November 2004--coming to the conclusion that as down as I might ever get, I could and would outlast Bush's time in office.

I did, and for my perseverance I got to see something amazing yesterday. Granted, I would've preferred less god and more country in the speeches, and in future, I will try to remember that C-Span has better coverage of the inaugural parade than ABC and CNN. Overall though, I felt hopeful in a way that no previous president in my lifetime has inspired.

Congratulations, President Obama.

Love that you went white tie for the balls.

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  1. Yes, let's pat ourselves on the back for having endured the past eight years! I didn't watch the parade or the balls coverage. But I'm sure that Barack and Michele looked really good!

  2. I watched a fair chunk of it. They are a great looking couple.