30 June 2007

Let The Pictures Do The Talking: A Road Trip, iii

(Parts i, ii)

moleskine 7a
moleskine 8awall 1

wall 2

soldiers sculpture large
moleskine 9a
(Click to enlarge text.)

Hirshhorn 1Hirshhorn 2

moleskine 10a
Arch St
Blgs Grass fountain

Lincoln Memorial Columns Lincoln
moleskine 10bmoleskine 11a


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  1. The journal entries look so cool scanned in--like a real online scrapbook. Although I've gotta say, you may have a calling in the medical profession, my dear. :-)

  2. My original scans are even cooler since they show beyond the edges of the moleskine. (Cropped for here to keep relative size of text larger.)

    I spent most of my 10th grade frog dissection with eyes averted so no medical career for me. ;) Do you need help with any specific bits?