22 June 2007

Things I shouldn't carry

Months ago I read a tip that suggested photocopying all the cards in your wallet so that you'll have all of your account numbers and stuff handy in case your wallet gets stolen. Come to think of it, I tried to do this last January or December, but that's when my printer stopped printing.

Anyway, after fine-tuning how to arrange my first set of cards so the fronts and backs lined up correctly on the same piece of paper, I pulled out all the cards from my tattered plastic insert. It was then I noticed that two of my 3 blood donor cards have my social security number printed on them. Damn, Sam. They have separate ID numbers on them as well so it's not like they really needed it. That's what I get for keeping cards in my wallet that I haven't looked at in years.

The third donor card has an old address on it. If I were in an accident, wouldn't they just test for my blood type rather than look for a donor card listing it? Looks like my wallet's going to be a little thinner- woo!

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