17 June 2007

And there it is

Went out to dinner with the folks last night. When I saw the hostess, all I could think was: What is she, twelve? Realistically, she had to be at least sixteen, maybe even eighteen depending on the restaurant chain's hiring rules. She didn't actually look twelve, but it was my brain's way of processing just how young she looked.

I still get carded on occasion, but I don't have that fresh-out-of-high-school look. Having noticed the difference, I feel one step away from grumbling about young whippersnappers.

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  1. Pretty soon we'll need to card 10 year olds. It amazes me how old they look at such young ages. Kinda twisted, isn't it?

  2. My boyfriend and I - we are both 54 years old - got carded at a restaurant in the Chicago airport the other day. Go figure!

  3. Kevin: yeah, it is. Heck my niece looked 5 when she was only 3.5

    Elisabeth: Good for you! :)