11 October 2019

Life of Art SitRep #503 Thanksgiving Collections, 2020 Calendar Magnets, Blankets, Duvets

It's been a fruitful week with the creation of a variety of custom photo products including 2020 calendar magnetic cards, duvet covers, fleece and sherpa blankets. I also made some gingham check table runners to add to my new Thanksgiving collections.

There are also new collections for Thanksgiving Haiku party supplies, custom photo collage wrapping supplies, and custom logo business event supplies:

Click a collection to see the rest of its items.

Magnetic calendars with a custom photo make great stocking stuffers for family and friends:

Cozy photo template blankets come with white, black, navy blue, red, or grey backgrounds. Click to buy a cute kitten and cat blanket or personalize it with your own pictures:

Cool duvet covers also feature custom photo collages with different color backgrounds. There are single sided and double sided versions of each. I made them in Queen size, but you can switch them to twin or king on the product page.

And also a black and white checkered duvet:

Pinned to boards at Rocklawn Arts on Pinterest.

Shot 231 photographs, culled 52. Also several videos I've yet to upload.

Watched "How to Remove the Background of a photo in Photoshop" by Colin Smith. Very helpful! Fine tuning edges of selections with greater detail.

Made monthly backups. Have you backed up lately?

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