04 October 2019

Life of Art SitRep #502 Thanksgiving in Blue, Burgundy, and Orange

Anyone who's been following my blog for a good while knows I like to write Thanksgiving Haiku. Last year I made a note to myself to create some Thanksgiving products with them for this year. I decided to go minimal to highlight the words in white sans serif text on solid blue, burgundy, and orange backgrounds on paper plates, paper napkins, and faux canvas prints.

I also created a series of more traditional and customizable Thanksgiving and Friendsgiving dinner supplies with gingham plaid designs in the same orange, blue, and burgundy colors so you can mix and match them all.

I need to make collections for them all, just need to decide how to arrange them before starting which tends to dissuade me from making them. I must forge ahead though, site glitches or no.

You can see all the latest products and color variations I've created here.

Went to an outdoor sculpture exhibit and shot photographs I've yet to upload. Both were good for my soul though.

Also shot 221 photos, culled 51, and rated two shoots from last week.

Pinned to boards at Rocklawn Arts on Pinterest. Created a Thanksgiving Dinner Party Ideas board.

How was your week?

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