11 October 2005

Bachelor Chow

I usually avoid the grocery store like the plague, but I actually enjoyed it this afternoon. With no one else to consider, deciding what to eat for the next few days became delightfully simple. It was just like old times: bananas, baby carrots, grillers (not because I'm vegetarian but because I don't like handling raw meat), frenchbread pepperoni pizza, potato skins with cheese and bacon, and some Maruchan ramen for lunch.

The cashier was even really positive, friendly, and sweet. His multiple ear, lip, and eyebrow piercings made me smile. I'll have to make sure I get him the next time I'm in.


  1. phobia of raw meat? even fish?

  2. more like germaphobia. Raw poultry is what I avoid most. Steak would be ok, but ground beef is unpleasant to deal with. I could probably deal with raw fish, but I don't care for much besides salmon.