22 April 2008


Am I the only one who's glad those erection drug ads have finally stopped bothering to use the word priapism? I'm all for vocabulary building, but when the advertisers feel obligated to explain what it means every frakking time, it just plays against the economy of words I expect from a decent ad.

Better yet, they could've continued to use priapism while choosing not to define it for the three thousandth time. Wouldn't your doctor explain it when you got the prescription anyway? If not, look it up, punk. (And start looking for a new doctor.)

3 years ago on TTaT: Tiebreaker


  1. Never heard it, and had to look it up.


  2. I'm probably the only one left who doesn't have TiVo or some such. If you're skipping all the ads, don't watch tv, or can successfully ignore ads, more power to ya.

    I always appreciate someone willing to look up something they don't know though. :)