08 April 2008

Day 33 of 30

My 30 day workout challenge is officially over. I exercised for at least 20 contiguous minutes every day. The 9th day was rather half-assed, so I kept it up through today, day 33.

Turns out arbitrary rules drive me as crazy as ever, even when I'm the one who devised them. Also, when the arbitrariness starts getting to me, I tend to do the minimum.

I would do better with a weekly goal of 150 minutes, for example, divided howsoever I chose. Not that I'm committing to that just now.

I did discover that I don't need to feel particularly energetic to do some light weight lifting, so I will try to keep that up most every other day. Also, the sooner I get my workout out of the way for the day, the better I tend to feel about the whole fitness endeavor. Having a set time for it (which was most definitely not the case for the challenge) might achieve the same result.

If I were to try another 30 day experiment of some sort, I'd allow myself more flexibility. 6 days out of 7 for 5 weeks, perhaps.

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  1. My membership in Shape Up PA has been a total wash. I know it's a cheap excuse, but I can't find the time to go on a walk or to exercise. Of course, I am still blogging. Maybe that's what I should give up, and use that time to exercise...

  2. I think it helps to start small. E.g., I mostly take stairs 2 at a time going up.

    Also, studies have shown that even small efforts are helpful. During a commercial break, get up and walk around, do a few stretches, or lift some hand weights. Same thing if you're waiting for the microwave to pop some popcorn or something.

    Find moments in your day when you're really just waiting and fill them with a little activity. Also remember that scrubbing your tub is exercise too.

    My basic philosophy any time I'm trying to get back into working out is: Move More. Every bit helps!

  3. I recently decided to try to get my splits back, although the splits and I split freshman year of college. I've got a ways to go, but I'm not as inflexible as I thought I would be.

  4. Cheryl: good for you! I'm impressed. I never could do proper splits. I've always been pretty inflexible.