27 April 2008

You don't need to know this

So... my underwear keeps riding up. One of those stray inconveniences in life I wouldn't pay much mind other than to consider it's time for another underwear size, except that they always ride up the same cheek. Is my ass really that uneven? When you're right-handed, your right arm tends to be stronger and a bit bigger than your left. Is the same true for ass cheeks? What could I possibly be doing that would make one side more toned than the other?

Maybe the ride-up is due to how I walk. That answer's preferable to staring over my shoulder to assess cheek symmetry in the mirror. Besides, the over-the-shoulder twist would likely impede the determination of evenness anyway. Altering subjects by the act of observing them and all that.

New underwear then. Alas, according to wikipedia, Jockey had to stop making their FormFit line (FormFit had the same Jockey bikinis I liked for less than Jockey on sale, just different colors or patterns). Living somewhat in the boondocks, I'm accustomed to chain stores having smaller selections here, so I'd hoped FormFit would turn up again.

I remember when a 3-pack of Jockey bikinis cost $12. Now it's $18. Damn, I'm becoming some saggy-assed geezer. Sigh. Maybe it's time for a new brand or cut. Anyone tried "modern briefs" or boy-cut styles? What brand and style underwear do you love? Do you find their sizing measurements to be accurate? (I.e., by hip measurement, I'm wearing the right size, but I think the next size up might be a better fit, much as it pains me to admit.)

Boys, your comments and thoughts on the underwear you wear are welcome too!

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  1. I love Victoria's Secret low-rise bikinis. But I wear a thong almost everyday to work... they can't ride up... you know why ;) (They're already UP!)

  2. Ah yes they are, lol. Thanks for your feedback!

  3. I have tried the boy-cut panties and they ride up worse than a decent low cut bikini. I lean to VS myself, but Hanes always does in a pinch for me.

  4. I wear Hanes boy shorts. They fit very well and don't ride up. All cotton as well, I cannot stand to wear synthetic fibers on my butt.

  5. Voix: good to know!

    Elisabeth: Maybe I'll check those out.