17 August 2007

So now I should write something

I had some more t-shirt, private vs. public thoughts in mind, but I feel like I covered it succinctly in the comments already.

So how's trix, kids?

Ok, I'll share this. I've been kind of a jerk lately regarding an upcoming family vacation with my parents and my brother's family. My reasons for my lack of enthusiasm are understandable, but I haven't shared them, hence, jerk.

Mostly nothing can/would be done about my reasons, so I'd rather keep them to myself. Passive-aggressive much? Little bit. Some points I'd made in the planning stages were ignored, and they didn't ask for my ok before making reservations. Grr.

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  1. how annoying! it's hard to say what's on our minds when we already believe that it won't have any effect if we share it. i know that one well.