24 August 2007

Roofers, you better be completely done!

After a week long of roofers hammering next door, I am so frakking tired. I looked out the window this morning when they'd been working for maybe an hour and a half and saw that they were finishing up. They totally could've been done yesterday if they'd just worked a half hour longer each day before. Sooner even if they didn't quit after 7 hours. Or they could've just started later...that would've been ok with me.

When I mentioned my irritation to Mom, she kept defending them by saying it was a long day. Um, no. Starting at 6 AM give or take does not make a work day long, it makes it early. Working a lot of hours makes a work day long.

Physically taxing- sure, more than most people's certainly. Just enough with the "long."

Anyway, I've been so grogged today, I keep bashing into things. My shoulder into the pantry door, my arm into a railing, and my forearm into a low bookshelf so hard it left a welt and knicked the skin. Feels weird that my sense of where my body is is off-kilter. I keep not expecting to smash into things, but then I do.

Bed time soon. More ice now.

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  1. Hold up, isn't there some sort of home owner's association with rules against construction before 8 am? Hammers at 6 am would have me shooting someone. In the face.

    How rude!

  2. I don't live in a development. There is no home owner's association.

    As a cruel twist of fate, there was a construction noise abatement proposition on the town meeting's agenda just this past May, but it got tabled because so many people bailed after all the big stuff got voted on, myself included. (To be fair, I stayed for over 3 hours enduring the ramblings and ravings of the ignorant and redundant. There's only so much of that I can take.)