19 August 2007

Never thought I'd say it...

...but I'm sorry the summer tv season is winding down. I haven't missed any shows from the regular season, cared about their cliffhangers, or found them worth watching in reruns except for a couple of stray episodes.

The Closer, Rescue Me, and Saving Grace have kept me excellently entertained. Doctor Who, Eureka, Psych, and State of Mind have well satisfied my cravings for scifi, silly, and Lili.

I think shorter seasons lend themselves to more dramatic seasonal arcs (of character or story) since they don't have to space it out over ten additional episodes. Leaves me wanting more which I reckon is the idea.

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  1. I like these shorter seasons as well. I agree with you on how much fun they are. But you're missing Burn Notice from your list of shows. Are you not watching that one?

  2. I've seen some pieces of eps, the last 1/2 to 2/3 of last week's. Maybe I'll give it a real shot this week.