23 February 2007

My connection to George Clooney

Yes, I ended up watching most of Oprah's Oscar special after Grey's last night. George and I both have forehead scars from dogs that we got when we were five. I'm pretty sure he said he was five.

Anyway, I just wanted to take this moment to revel in the ridiculousness that is me thinking how cool it is that we have this thing in common. Go-to conversation starter for George Clooney: check. My scar has a purpose now! ;)

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  1. I watched it too!!! Only the George part. *sigh...*

  2. lol! I read somewhere that Melanie (of the now dead Spice Girls) and me were born on the same day (not year) and I don't know why I used to add that bit of info whenever I was asked about my birthday. lol!

    Good to be back blogging Claire!


  3. Fitena: That's hilarious. Good to see you!