18 February 2007

At least it's sunny?

The blue sky, white puffy clouds, and the clear black asphalt on the stretch of road outside my window mislead me something awful. However, the delusion mitigated my reaction to my shower head springing a fairly strong leak just as I was about to step into the tub.

A bit later, when I looked out the kitchen window and saw all my shoveling and sanding efforts of yesterday covered with a fresh layer of snow, I bellowed "No!" So much for a 30% chance.

While I was writing, the clouds turned grey, but the sky has opened up again and the sun is shining through, so I better get on with shoveling the latest layer.

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  1. If it snows again tomorrow, I may just lose it. I'm still not anywhere near done digging everything out from the foot we got on Wed.

    And after some attempts at an electrical tape stop gap, it turns out my shower head has multiple leaks. That currently is more upsetting to me... well, until more snow falls.