28 February 2007

Civic duty

I'm good about voting: I do my research, get my checklist together, and go fill out my ballot. However, I must confess that I have no desire to go to a town meeting. It's another vote, but the whole experience will be entirely different. Instead of going to the town hall whenever during the day, this will be at the high school with everyone there at once and will assuredly take much longer.

The vote is even a bit redundant in some respects. A ballot initiative was passed but now a bylaw must be altered so that it can go into effect. The catch is that the initiative only passed after a recount since the initial margin was a loss by 2 votes. This secondary vote could easily make the recount moot.

Politics is such a pain in the ass.

UPDATE: Ok, it's more than that. It's not just any high school.... it's at my high school that as far as memory serves I have not set foot in since I graduated. I'm not in the mood to run into old teachers and other people's parents to have them ask what I'm doing now. I keep reminding myself that mostly, I will probably only need to wave or say hello. Urgh. I need to go find something else to wear.

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  1. How about a pink fleece polartec jacket from L.L. Bean?

  2. omg, that made me laugh. Noooo pink for me. I'm not one to rock the pastels.

    Here's the beauty of it though: I changed my shirt layers, but it wasn't what I wanted because my go-to shirt was dirty, so I put back on what I'd been wearing originally but with an attitude shift. Knowing in that moment that I could dress sloppy casual but still look good just because I thought I did was enough.